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Barton, H, 04b-Assessing local urban form (paper)
Batty, M, 12A_The SCATTER Project (slides)
Caruso, G, 14B_Micro-scale modelling-Method and initial results (paper)
Echenique, M, 08b-Economic assessment of transport improvements (paper)
Echenique, M and Ponti, M, 08B_Transport investment and economic assessment (paper)
Echenique, M., Mobility and Income - Environmental and Planning A
Horswell Calvert Barton, Active travel patterns and neighbourhood accessibility WP12
Hunt, D., Session-3_02_Micro-simulation modelling of land use and transport in North America_11Jul07
Hunt, JD, 15A_SOLUTIONS microscale modelling (slides)
Hunt, JD, Disaggregating a strategic LUTI model to evaluate local design
Hunt, JD, 05-Opportunties and challenges with the micro-simulation of spatial activity systems (slides)
Jin, Y, 02A_LASER-SOLUTIONS application (slides)
Ludlow, D., Session-3_01_Urban sprawl in Europe_11Jul07
Lundqvist, L, 10A_Comments on assessment criteria and framework (slides)
Lundqvist, L., Session-2_02_Comments on SOLUTIONS sustainability assessment_11Jul07
Mitchell, G, 07B_Assessing the sustainability-Some Issues (paper)
Mitchell, G et al, Evaluation Criteria
Mitchell, G et al, Assessment Criteria Map
Mitchell, G, Namdeo, N and Gawthorpe, S, 07A_SOLUTIONS-Current issues in asessment (slides)
Ponti, M, 09-Income distribution, rent, and transport (slides)
Steadman, P and Marshall, S, 11A_Archetypal layout (paper)
Steadman, P and Marshall, S, 11B_Archetypal layout (slides)
Wegener, M, 10a-Modelling urban sustainability: The PROPOLIS experience (slides)
Wegener, M, 10b-Modelling urban sustainability (paper)
Wegener, M., Session-3_03_After the oil age_Do we have to rebuild our cities_11Jul07

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